There are so many different events that will happen as soon as you say I do aside from the wedding. You’ve got your engagement parties, showers, bachelor/bachelorette parties, the rehearsal, and the rehearsal dinner. Dressing the role as the recently engaged couple isn’t just enjoyable, but also indicates that you care and are appreciative of people that are throwing those events for you. It’s not required to devote a huge amount of money on new clothes, despite the fact that is surely fun, you could always wear something you already have. But understanding what to wear is vital, and hopefully, these few tips can allow you to make the ideal ensembles.


What’s the event? Could it be your engagement party, shower, bachelorette party, or rehearsal/rehearsal dinner? Answering this question will surely help you decide exactly what to wear. For the showers and engagement, I propose something chic and classy. For most of you, this could be the 1st time you’re meeting certain members of their family, and we do not need to shock grandmother. For your rehearsal/rehearsal dinner, I propose something ivory or white with a soft and intimate appearance, after all, you’re the bride(s), and it’s the day before your wedding day. The bachelorette party, based on what it is you are doing, is your opportunity to go for that contemporary and sexy appearance. It is possible to opt for a slick white dress or that sexy black dress.

What time of the year is it? Based on the season be sure that you are comfortable with what you’re wearing. There isn’t any need to be wearing a long dress, or trousers in the summer if you will be uncomfortable and perspiration. Dress for the season and above all your relaxation.

What color should you use? It’s fine for brides to wear other colors than white. Even though it’s customary for the bride to wear white in the rehearsal, it isn’t a rule. Wear what makes you feel great and glow. One thought we adore is for your guests to wear sunglasses of whites to the shower along with the bride to put on a pop of color, including a gentle pink, pink, peach, blue, or whatever color looks great on your skin tone. This generates stunning photographs.

Selecting the formality of your apparel can be determined by considering the location of this occasion and the time of day.

Below are a few of our favorite fashions and businesses you can order from online which vary from refined, to intimate, to alluring. Above all whatever you decide to wear be certain that you’re feeling fabulous. Not only do they possess dresses in all types and colors, but we’ve also had our couples obtain their bridesmaid’s dresses from that point. The quality was amazing and you can’t beat the prices. I have personally purchased from this company several times and have not been disappointed. They also have gowns in all styles and colors, so you’re certain to find what you adore, in addition to the rates are amazing. Another company I have ordered from and enjoyed. Once again you can’t beat the quality for the purchase price. Because of sizing, I’d give them a phone and be certain that the size you’re ordering is appropriate for you. But, I have had to swap a product or 2, and there were no queries asked. Additionally, they’ve great shoes, and most of us know we could always use more shoes. This business located in Miami, FL has sexy written all over it. You are guaranteed to find something great for the bachelorette party here. If you’re not seeking to buy anything and simply want something for your afternoon of, Rent the Runway provides the capacity to lease high-end clothes at a fraction of the price, for both women and men. With their styles which range from casual chic to appropriate you’re certain to find something to satisfy your personality and be ideal for your occasion.

Some others we adore are Nordstrom, Dillards, and Macy’s. In case you opt to purchase online please do your own homework. There are tons of companies out there that have excellent images, but they’re stolen from different businesses, and we’ve all heard the horror stories.


What’s the event? You’ve got the engagement parties along with the bachelor party. However, an increasing number of grooms are looking to the showers also. If the occasion is appropriate to semi-formal, you can not fail with a fitting suit.

What time of the year is it? Regrettably, unless is it a very casual affair, wearing shorts even in the summer might not be the most suitable choice. Slacks, or sometimes jeans, with a great shirt and suit coat, is almost always a timeless appearance. If you are not amazing at mix fitting pants and coats, always choose the matching collection. We’ve supplied a few looks that may do the job for all those less formal occasions which are during the warmer months.

Choosing the color to wear? There haven’t been any “etiquette principles” as it pertains to what color the gentlemen must wear. Your very best alternative is to find out what your spouse is wearing and organize together, or since it’s your day also wear what you adore.

Selecting the formality of your apparel will rely on the location. Be aware that some areas will expect a dinner coat or possess a no shorts or jeans coverage. Additionally, the time of day will help ascertain the formality. If it comes to your bachelor party, wear anything case requires, whether that’s a day on the greens or a night out with friends.

Below are a few of our favorite styles in addition to where you can locate them or where you’re able to compile a similar appearance. Nordstrom’s sister firm at which you can get name brand clothes for a fraction of the purchase price. Additionally, you still receive Nordstrom’s amazing customer support and return policy. Not just for the girls! Express has some remarkable suits, coats, vests, and much more. Pretty much all you will need to place the ideal look together.

And we can not overlook the department stores such as Dillards, Nordstrom, Saks, Macy’s and more. Though not as popular, determine if your local place has a men’s shop that could appeal to you. And just like with anything else, even in case you choose to purchase online do your assignments!


It’s possible to establish a lot by taking a look at the event and where it’s being held. If you’re a part of the wedding celebration rather than helping to throw the party, you could always contact the bride/groom (if it isn’t a surprise) along with other members of this party to coincide. Most pre-wedding parties are somewhat less formal than the primary event; however, there’s still a degree of formality to the vast majority of these, therefore grooming your best is essential. I always say this is an opportunity to wear something which you normally would not. As an instance, that cute pink dress you’ve got at the back of the cupboard. Below you can get some essential points which could help you determine exactly what you need to wear for which event.

You know the couple of course, so consider about their characters. This could enable you to get a feeling of what the celebration will be like.

Ladies, never wear white or any color in that household unless the invitation specifies all white dress. Usually, white is reserved for the bride; therefore, we’ll leave that for her.

Which sort of event it is, and the period of the evening? Can it be a day tea, which will involve a more small, fancy appearance? A luncheon in a family residence, a dinner in fancy restaurant or bar, or even a night on the town? You can usually tell the intricacies of the occasion by taking a look at the invitation. But if you still have questions contact with the host/hostess to find a better idea.

Where’s it being held? A lot will depend on the place, and whether it’s indoors or outside. When it’s being held in a place or club, and you’re not certain of what’s best to wear contact with the host/hostess and inquire whether there are any principles. By way of instance, some places need at least a sports coat for those gentlemen and have a rigorous no shorts or shorts coverage.

Who’s going to maintain attendance? Can it be only close friends? Will co-workers and household be there also? Can this be a coed party? Knowing all of this can help you determine if that tiny dress is suitable or not. My guideline is whether it’s for your bachelorette party (and also then keep it elegant) depart the club clothing at home. When it will shock people or attract attention to you, then it’s a big no. The spotlight must be on the guest(s) of honor not about the guest.

Have a look at the companies we’ve mentioned above to locate your ideal style for any pre-wedding occasion by Clayton @ Clayton Jane Photography based in Somerset