Whether the guy in question is your groom, the best man, or only a guest of marriage, guys are notoriously bad at understanding which types and colours of shoes are acceptable for which suits. However, perfect the outfit, the wrong sort of shoe may ruin the overall appearance. For this reason picking men’s wedding shoes is often the task of the bride, wife, girlfriend as well as mother.

Here are some tips on choosing the Ideal men’s shoe for a formal wedding suit:

Men’s wedding shoes should normally be as slim as possible with a slightly pointed toe to provide the feeling of long slender legs. Round toed, or lace shoes will not fit in a formal outfit. The sole exception to this rule is a tuxedo, which is traditionally worn with a round toed shoe.

The most popular fashion of men’s wedding gown is a somewhat pointed loafer with no laces, but if you do select laced shoes, then you need to ensure that the laces are as skinny as you can and that they’re the same colour as the shoes.

The leather is the natural material for formal shoes, and this may be either matt or shiny. For very formal occasions, especially in the day, a velvet slipper could be appropriate.

The colour of the shoe may offer a contrast with all the wedding match, but should never be the focus of this outfit.

Here’s a guide to fit men’s wedding shoes with different coloured suits by Phillippa at Phillippa James Photography:

In the event the suit is charcoal, or black simply black shoes should be worn. These may be either matt or shiny.
In the event the match is light grey with no brown undertones, black shoes would be the normal option. White shoes may also be worn at a daytime wedding.
In the event, the match is a brownish grey dark, or light brown shoes are an excellent selection, but when in doubt pick black.
In the event, the suit is white the ideal alternative is white shoes. If you wear a coloured shirt with the white suit, shoes at precisely the same colour as the top are acceptable.
In the event, the suit is tan or cream, medium or light brown shoes would be the best choice. White shoes can be worn with a brown match but might appear wrong using a cream suit.
· In the event, the suit in question has been hired, it could be worth asking whether you’re able to employ the shoes to match. Even though some men are hesitant to wear shoes that are hired, it will increase the odds of finding a pair of shoes which work well with the suit, and it’ll save him hanging out on a set of shoes which he does not have a fitting suit for.

Much like the bride, the groom will be wearing his shoes for a long time on the wedding day, and it is very rare to discover a pair which is instantly comfortable without being busted in. Wearing his dress shoes to work for each week, or even just walking around the house wearing it for the month leading up to the wedding can guarantee he’s comfy enough to strut his stuff on the dance floor.